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Born 1984 in Chongqing (China), Xiang Zhenhua graduated from Beijing University in Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2006 before moving to Paris, where he received a Master's degree from both the Academy of Fine Arts and the Gobelins School of Image. He currently lives in Paris and Shanghai. In his creations, Xiang Zhenhua uses accessories from the contemporary consumer society such as boxes, testers, models, and fashion catalogues. Through the images generated, he attempts to explore the relationship between people and these items.



Personal Exposure: N44°07'56.36"E5°06'59.71, Avignon, Caromb

Collective exhibition : BLACKBORD , Arles

Collective exhibition : PERSISTENCE OF THE MODEL RELIGIOUS, Paris

Collective exhibition : The word made e boring as a photography exhibition, Paris


Exhibition "Friends of Fine Arts", left the Fine Arts Gallery, Portrait Section, finalist among the 5 candidates

Collective Exhibition : The body material

Collective Exhibition : NIAN