Yoshikatsu Fujii portrait.jpg


Yoshikatsu Fujii was born in 1979 in Japan. His works were exhibited at the New York Photo Festival, Delhi Photo Festival, Lishui Photography Festival, Chobi Mela Photography Festival, etc. Fujii’s 2014 self-published photobook Red String was nominated for several awards, including the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards. The book has been regarded as one of the best photobooks of 2014 by contributors to numerous publications including TIME magazine. In 2016, it joined the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York Library. The work won a LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards in 2017.

Since then, in 2015 he moved back from Tokyo to his hometown Hiroshima to engage in his long-term research project called Hiroshima Graph. Seen through the eyes of a third-generation atomic bomb victim in Hiroshima, the photo series attempts to shed new light on the disappearing traces from the war, so as to pass it on to the future generation.